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The following information is based strictly on the opinion of myself and other sports moms. Looking for an answer to the question, does youth sports keep our kids out of trouble? Surprisingly enough 100% of the woman that posted their answer to this question said yes.Sports teaches our kids how to get along with other players and with their coach, it teaches discipline, and team building tools. It keeps your kids off the sofa and away from their video games, off the streets, and out of trouble because they’re in a gym or at the ball field playing or practicing. To play school sports kids have to maintain certain grade point averages, because of this you often times see active students maintain a higher GPA than someone not as active in school activities.As a parent Never use sports or clubs as a punishment. Sports/clubs give your kids a sense of purpose and belonging. I’m not saying don’t punish your kids, but take away things like the car, movies, shopping trip to the mall, or their cell phone (which our kids believe to be the worse punishment of all), but never use constructive activities as a means to hurt or punish.If your kids are involved in sports, show them your support and attend their games. As a working mom I know it’s difficult to make every game, but attend as many as you can. This shows your child you’re proud of them, and you support them and their team. Get involved! Maybe you can’t coach or can’t keep score, but offer to bring the kids drinks, ask the coaches if there’s anything you can do to help.During games, don’t yell at the players or the umpires, demonstrate acceptable behavior. Nothing looks worse than having a parent yelling or cursing during a game. This is not only bad sportsmanship, but sets a poor example for the players. As a player how bad would you feel because your parent cost your team an out or was asked to leave the game? If you want to cheer for your team, by all means DO IT! But do so in a positive fashion.Let’s encourage our kids to be active, teach them the importance of team work, respect and discipline. Show them you support them 100% and encourage them when they’re down. It’s not about winning or losing, it’s about getting out there and giving it 110%, by stepping out onto the field they are already winners!This message is brought to you by Big Dog Sports and Fitness, we’d love to hear your comments or opinions on this issue. Please visit [] and post your thoughts on our blog. Together we DO make a difference.